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All New Vauxhall Astra

Taylors Vauxhall New Astra Introduction


The ever-popular and all new Vauxhall Astra has been completely revolutionised inside and out.

The all-new version of the much-loved hatchback features an uncluttered interior, state of the art technology throughout and a choice of fuel types including Plug-In HYBRID-e.

Boasting class-leading aerodynamics, the all-new Astra is not only fun to drive, but offers an abundance of practicality and comfort, whichever model you choose.

The striking Vizor signature front grille sleekly integrates front-end devices, sensors and functions into a single sweep.

The all-new Astra has been engineered around a whole new platform for agility, drive ability and comfort. 

The Plug-in HYBRIDe-e gives you performance and efficiency, without compromise. The responsive 1.6 Turbo petrol engine delivers 180PS, working in harmony with an 81kw electric motor.

And have the ability to travel up to 43 miles (WLTP – EAER) on a fully-charged battery.

New Vauxhall Astra Styling

The awesomely eye-catching all-new Astra oozes style and practicality inside and out.

Featuring Vauxhall’ s new signature Vizor Grille, which sleekly integrates lights and sensors into a striking front grille. 

This style is continued along the length of the car and on to the roof where you can choose a slick white or black accent roof.

Or go for a panoramic sunroof that floods the interior with light and cab be vented or opened all the way.

Astra’s special lightweight alloy wheels are bold and stylish and compliment to sleek exterior.

Even the high-mounted energy-saving rear LED lights perfectly harmonise with the look.

Step inside and discover the new and improved digitally-detoxed Pure Panel® that streamlines driver information and relax in Ergonomic Active Front Seats with ventilation and massage function. 

All-new Astra, pure brilliance.

taylors vauxhall new vauxhall astra styling
Taylors Vauxhall New Vauxhall Astra Technology

New Vauxhall Astra Technology

Brimming with the latest technology, the all-new Vauxhall Astra is safe, comfortable and practical for all the family.

Innovative features such as the latest IntelliLux® Pixel lights that radically improves visibility and its permanent glare-free high beams automatically adjust to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers.

New PureSense intelligent technology scans the world around you to help keep you and your loved ones safer.

The Extended Head-Up Display (E-HUD) projects essential information directly onto the windscreen, comfortably within the driver’s field of vision.

For a great all-round view Intelli-Vision activates automatically when you put the all-new Astra into reverse (or on-demand) and uses four cameras placed around the car to help you see any approaching cross-traffic and make parking a breeze. 

Defrost and defog quickly with a ThermaTec® Heated Windscreen. Get comfy with heated front and even outer-rear seats.  And a heated steering wheel gives you a warm grip on cold mornings. 

All New Vauxhall Astra Models

Packed full of innovative technology and brimming with great features, the all-new Astra will make driving a pleasure thanks to an impressive line up of petrol, diesel and Plug in HYBRID-e models.

Petrol and Diesel models

  • Astra Design
  • Astra GS Line
  • Astra Ultimate


Plug in HYBRID-e models

  • GS Line
  • Ultimate


Choose from seven stuning colours including Arctic White, Vulcan Grey, Carbon Black, Crystal Silver, Cobalt Blue, Crimson Red or Electric Yellow.

Taylors New Vauxhall Astra
taylors vauxhall new vauxhall astra pureconnect

Vauxhall Astra PureConnect

The new fully digital Pure Panel® bursts with connectivity has a 10″ digital instrument cluster and 10″ centre console that wirelessly integrates your smartphone via Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

You also get Vauxhall Connect services including emergency and breakdown call, plus automatic updates over-the-air. 

The Multimedia system include features like AM/FM/DAB+ radio, Bluetooth® audio streaming and dual USB-C ports for great sounds wherever you go.

State-of-the-art navigation system is packed with services including parking information, weather updates and online traffic, and route guidance is shown via the Extended Head-Up Display, instrucment cluster or centre touchscreen.

Wireless charging means no more messy, tangled wires in the cabin. Charging with your compatible device is easy and rapid-movement detection prevents wireless overload damage to your device’s battery when you’re driving over bumpy roads and tracks.

New Astra Safety

Safety is not compromised either, with clever technology that gives you more confidence when driving to keep you and your passengers safe.

The all new Vauxhall Astra has safety features in abundance including:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Intelli-drive (performs semi-automatic lane changes)
  • Long-range blind spot detection
  • Intelli-Lux Pixel headlights
  • Active lane positioning (keeps you in the middle of your lane automatically)
  • Curve Speed Adaptation (CSA) which calculates and adapts Astra’s acceleration during high-speed bends
  • Advanced Intelligent Speed Adaptation (A-ISA) monitors road signs and offers to slow down or speed up accordingly. It even compensates for weather conditions.
  • Intelli-Vision that activates automatically when you put the All-new Astra into reverse (or on-demand) and uses four cameras placed around the car to see approaching cross-traffic and help with parking
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns you of anything approaching while you’re reversing from as far as 40 meters away
Taylors Vauxhall New Vauxhall Astra Safety
taylors vauxhall new vauxhall astra plug in hybrid e

New Astra Plug in HYBRID-e

Range, power, efficiency and instant acceleration, the all-new Astra HYBRID-e gives you everything you need.

Plug-in Hybrid technology maximises power and performance and three driving modes allow you to match your journey, road conditions and mood.

Hybrid balances range and power. Electric delivers zero CO² emissions and complete silence. And for full-out fun, just hit Sport to make every drive a thrill. 

The all-new Astra HYBRID-e uses the iBooster energy-recovering system. It recaptures power normally lost while braking and decelerating. And  iBooster not only uses energy generated when you brake, it also kicks in when the Astra HYBRID-e is coasting.

Astra HYBRID-e’s Vehicle Data Monitoring systems keep you in the know and in command. Providing an intuitive overview of driving conditions and energy consumption which is all streamed to the Pure Panel® display cluster to give you all the information clearly and simply. 

New Vauxhall Astra Comfort

The all-new Astra really is the car that looks after its passengers thanks to superior levels of comfort.

Ergonomic Active Seats bear the AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) seal of quality.

They have adjustable head-rests, electronically-adjustable lumbar support, and extendable thigh support and are incredibly comfortable. They also help provide a healthy posture for long-term driver and passenger wellbeing. 

The innovative Intelli-Air is a new high-efficiency air filter, which helps keep the cabin´s air quality fresh and clean. And what’s more it gives you information on the air quality too.

Throw in heated front and even outer-rear seats and a heated steering wheel and cold mornings are no longer a problem.

The ThermaTech® heated windscreen makes defrosting and defogging effortless meaning you can get on your journey much quicker.

Taylors Vauxhall New Vauxhall Astra Comfort
Taylors Vauxhall New Vauxhall Astra Drive

New Vauxhall Astra Drive

The All-new Vauxhall Astra has been engineered around a whole new platform for agility, drive ability and comfort.

You can take your pick from a range of technologically enhanced turbo-charged powertrains, all of which are smooth, reliable and have low running costs & low CO² levels.

Options include a responsive 1.2 petrol or and high-efficiency 1.5 diesel, both delivering up to 130hp and with featuring stop/start technology.

Both diesel and petrol engines come with a precision-engineered six-speed manual transmission or exceptionally smooth 8-speed automatic. 

Or choose the Astra HYBRID-e and get performance and efficiency, without compromise. The responsive 1.6 Turbo petrol engine delivers 180PS, working in harmony with an 81kw electric motor.

And have the ability to travel up to 43 miles (WLTP – EAER) on a fully-charged battery.

Now all you have to do is choose the right Astra for you.

New Vauxhall Astra Standout Features

The all-new Astra is packed full of the latest technology and safety features and offers an outstanding list of specification including;

  • 18-inch grey diamond-cut alloy wheels
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • 10″ fully digital Pure Panel display
  • 10″ centre touchscreen with state-of-the-art Sat Nav
  • Wireless charger for mobile devices
  • IntelliLux adaptive LED® pixel headlights
  • Lane change assist with side blind spot alert
  • Lane positioning assist
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Semi automated lane change assist
  • Curve speed adaption
  • Advanced intelligent speed adaption
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Dual-zone electronic climate control with Intelli-Air (air quality sensor)
  • Heated soundproofed insulated windscreen
  • Heated ergonomic active sports-style front seats (AGR approved)
  • Heated seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Alcantara interior seat trim
  • Keyless entry and start
  • Front and rear distance parking sensors and Intelli-Vision


Features vary by model. 

New Astra Brochure

You can find out more about the Vauxhall Astra including the model line-up, price guides and specifications below.

Interested and what to know more about the Vauxhall Astra? Contact Taylors Vauxhall Boston or find out more on the Vauxhall website.

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