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Taylors Peugeot have been your local Peugeot Dealer in Boston since 1985 and throughout this time we have sold, serviced and looked after thousands of Peugeot vehicles.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the very best service has seen us win the Peugeot Guild of Gold Lion Dealers Award eight times, the most recent being in 2020, for excellence and commitment to aftersales and we are ranked in the top 10 Peugeot dealerships in the country.

Our state-of-the-art showroom provides the perfect setting for you to find your next new Peugeot in Boston. With the latest models, including the all-new electric Peugeot 208 and electric Peugeot 2008, on show for you to discover at your leisure.

Taylors Peugeot Dealer Showroom

If it is a used car you are after, our forecourt is brimming with approved used vehicles across the Peugeot range, and all our used cars are selected for their excellent condition and are subject to a multi-point check before they reach our forecourt, ensuring only the best quality used cars are available.

If you find a model that you like then feel free to take it for a test drive. We are conveniently placed to experience both town and countryside driving from our Boston showroom.

We have a a great range of finance and leasing options available, to suit any budget, to help making your dream car become a reality.

Our sales teams at Taylors Peugeot are highly knowledgeable and experienced thanks to many years of selling new and used vehicles alongside regular training and will ensure that you get the right vehicle and finance package for you, whether this be a new or used vehicle.

At Taylors Peugeot our dedicated Business and Fleet sales consultant is on hand to help you choose the vehicle or vehicles that will best suit your business needs, whether this be a van, car or electric vehicle.

Peugeot Motability Scheme

At Taylors Peugeot we pride ourselves on providing the best guidance and advice to those looking for a car under the Motability Scheme. We were recently commended in the National Group of the Year awards for Motability dealers in recognition for our overall customer satisfaction and commitment to the scheme. Further details can be found on our Peugeot Motability Scheme page.

Introducing Our Award Winning Peugeot Aftersales

Aftersales you can trust

Keep your car performing at its best in the hands of our experienced technicians in our state-of-the-art servicing and repair facilities at our Boston site. Our team of experts use the latest technology and up to date product information to diagnose any issues and use only Peugeot approved parts should they be required.

As part of every service or repair at Taylors Peugeot we will carry out a complimentary Taylors vehicle health check. This is a comprehensive visual health check of your vehicle, including lights, tyres, exhaust and suspension. In addition to this, every vehicle receives a complimentary wash ready for when you collect it.

Peugeot Service Promise

The Peugeot Service Promise is a cornerstone of the Peugeot brand. It demonstrates that we strive to provide the best possible service experience.

The four pillars of our promise are:

  • We promise to provide an expert level of care
  • We promise to do our best to keep you on the road
  • We promise to be open and transparent
  • We promise to give you more.
Taylors Peugeot Dealer Award Winning

Why Choose Taylors Peugeot?

  1. Peugeot expertise from highly trained technicians who are regularly assessed
  2. The latest specialist tools and diagnostic systems, designed just for Peugeot vehicles
  3. Peugeot & Peugeot approved parts, with a minimum of 12 months warranty.
  4. The promise of an impressive service and repair history to help maintain your cars resale value
  5. Full courtesy service while you wait, including Wi-Fi, courtesy vehicles and collection and delivery.*
  6. Complimentary visual health check
  7. Transparent pricing
  8. Save money with our Loyalty Scheme.
  9. Our friendly and knowledgeable advisors ensure every visit is uncomplicated and as stress free as possible.
  10. Helpful and cost-effective service plans available.


*Supply of a courtesy vehicle is subject to availability and suitability. Collection and delivery can only be provided within a reasonable radius of our Boston branch and is subject to availability. Other terms may apply and we will need your National Insurance number and photocard drivers licence. Speak to one of our service advisors for more information.

Taylors Peugeot Dealer Choose

Servicing with Taylors Peugeot

Scheduled Servicing

Regular health checks and annual servicing is vital to ensuring the safety and up keep of the vehicle and will ensure you get the highest resale value. 

Each vehicle has its own servicing schedule, with different procedures needed throughout different points. Regular Peugeot servicing will also maintain the manufacturers warranty and ensure any enhancements can be applied with the minimum of inconvenience.

At Taylors Peugeot car servicing in Boston, we guarantee your vehicle will receive specialist attention, including:

  • Full and comprehensive vehicle health check
  • Oil and filter change
  • Fluid top-ups
  • Brake, steering and other safety checks
  • A visual check of the tyres, lights, mirrors, wipers and indicators
  • Tailored servicing items required for your vehicle based on its age and mileage, such as spark plugs and air filters
  • Environmental check for pollen filter and exhaust.


Fixed Price Servicing and MOT

When it comes to looking after your Peugeot, we do not want you to be worrying about any unexpected costs. That’s why our car servicing Boston offers fixed price servicing and MOT. We offer competitive fixed prices, without compromising on the service you receive. Call us today on 01205 355666 to find out more.

And remember as part of every service or repair at Taylors Peugeot we will carry out a complimentary Taylors vehicle health check. This is a comprehensive visual health check of your vehicle, including lights, tyres, exhaust and suspension. In addition to this, every vehicle receives a complimentary wash ready for when you collect it.

Book a Check Plus 29-Point Check

A regular health check between your vehicles annual service will ensure that your car performs at its best all year round.

Give your vehicle a clean bill of health with our Check Plus comprehensive vehicle check. For a small charge, it is the most cost-effective way to get fully prepared for potentially challenging driving conditions like icy roads, heavy rain and fog. This detailed 29-point check will include:

  • Visual check on your tyres
  • Visual check on the vehicles lighting
  • Visual check on your front and rear wiper blades
  • Checking your brakes
  • Visual check on your exhaust
  • Visual check on your fluid levels
  • Check for damage caused by potholes
  • Battery check
  • Engine oil top up
  • Brake fluid top up
  • Coolant top up
  • Screen wash top up
  • Power steering fluid top up

If we find any issues, a member of our team will discuss and explain any repairs which may be needed before carrying out the work. Call us on 01205 355666 to book your comprehensive 29-point check today.

Our Service Booking Form

Taylors Peugeot Servicing

Taylors Peugeot MOT

A Peugeot MOT at our Boston MOT Centre is the smart choice for your vehicle. If your car is over three years old, it must undergo an annual MOT test to ensure it meets the legal requirements for road safety and environmental standards.

All MOTs are carried out by Peugeot-trained, DVSA Accredited, technicians so you can be assured of the quality of work and customer service you can expect from us. In addition to this, you will also benefit from the Peugeot Service Promise.

Our team are ready to give you accurate and honest advice to help you get your vehicle through its MOT as smoothly as possible, however here are some simple tips to help prepare your car before the test:

  1. Check your washer fluid and wipers are working
  2. Check your windscreen for damage – remember many insurance companies allow windscreen replacement without impacting your policy
  3. Check the horn is working
  4. Check all lights, indicators and hazards are working
  5. Check your tyre inflation levels are correct
  6. Check your tyre condition for damage and tread – the minimum is 1.6mm
  7. Check the condition of seat belts and ensure they engage properly

Taylors Peugeot Repairs

From time to time key wearing parts will need replacement to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. If you notice any of the issues listed below, please book an appointment as soon as possible:

  • Front wiper blades: these may need replacing if there are streak and smears appearing on the windscreen, they are noisier than usual or moving awkwardly, areas that they wipe are left untouched. Noticing these things can help keep you safe and ensure you pass your MOT.
  • Battery: signs that your battery needs replacing may include your vehicle failing to start or poor performance from the electrical system. It is important to check from time to time that the battery is secure in its mount and the cables are free from corrosion.
  • Brake pads and discs: your brakes are one feature than should always be fully functioning for your safety and that of others. Signs that these may need replacing include, being less responsive than they should be, your vehicle may leak and oily fluid and there may be a grinding sound when braking. Your Discs may also need replacing is the pedal feels soft or stiffer than usual, if your car judders or steers to one side when you brake.
  • Timing belt: Please refer to the Service Schedule in your handbook pack for our recommended replacement intervals. Your timing belt is a relatively small part, but it’s vital for a smooth-running engine. It helps to stop the moving parts of your engine from colliding into each other. If your timing belt fails, you may need to have your whole engine replaced. If you are due for a replacement, please book an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Air conditioning refresh: A refresh may be required to stay free from pollen, pollutants and bacteria. Our refresh service inspects all the main elements with a fine-tooth comb, including heater control, internal fan speeds, drive belt, and pollen filter. To finish we will treat the system to neutralise odours and bacteria.
  • Air conditioning service: Our thorough service renews the air conditioning oil and refrigerant gas, checks the hoses, cooling fan and cabin temperatures, and includes everything our basic Refresh service provides.


And do not forget that as part of every service or repair we will carry out a complimentary Taylors vehicle health check. This is a comprehensive visual health check of your vehicle, including lights, tyres, exhaust and suspension. In addition to this, every vehicle receives a complimentary wash ready for when you collect it.

When we repair your vehicle we only use the very highest quality parts.

Taylors Peugeot Repairs

Taylors Peugeot Parts

Peugeot parts are produced by Peugeot to the exact specification of each model and are identical to those fitted originally to your vehicle.

These parts are highly durable with a long-life span, providing the best choice if you are looking for optimum performance at a competitive price.  All Peugeot parts come with a 12 month warranty.

Peugeot approved parts are a range of our own competitively priced parts. This option provides a great alternative if you are looking for a cost-effective solution maintaining an expert level of service.

These parts are designed and produced to meet all European specifications and are suitable for all makes of vehicles from 30 months onwards.

They come with a 24 month parts and labour warranty for added piece of mind.

Tyres Available at Taylors Peugeot

Ensuring you have the right tyres on your vehicle that are in good condition and correctly inflated is very important for your safety.

Tyre checks should be carried out as part of your regular checking routine and not left until the MOT is due. Book an appointment to have our Peugeot technicians check the condition of your tyres for free or to order your replacement tyres.

A comprehensive tyre check by one of our trained experts is essential for maintaining responsive steering and braking and to ensure your tyres are road worthy and within the legal limit. For most vehicles this is 1.6mm depth, but aim to have any worn tyres changed at 2mm depth, to ensure adequate braking and stopping in both wet and dry conditions.

Changing your tyres is considered to be more important as autumn and winter approach. It is better to get new tyres fitted before winter than struggle through the cold and wet with tyres approaching the legal minimum tread depth.

Our specialists at Taylors Peugeot in Boston will provide you with the best advice and will guide you in choosing the right tyre for your vehicle. We offer brand names at attractive prices and check all components during the tyre fitting.

Prices include VAT, standard valve, balance, disposal and fitting. We are also careful to dispose of old tyres in an environmentally responsible manner.

Contact us today for further information and guidance. For your convenience, you can book a tyre fitting online at a time that suits you. Alternatively, you can call us by phone or visit our dealership in person.

Taylors Peugeot Tyres

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