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Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life


The Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life is 100% pure electric and offers both luxury and practicality, thanks to its premium appearance, family-friendly interior and superb attention to detail.
With an impressive range of up to 143 miles and up to 80% charge in 30 minutes (at 100kW), the Vivaro-e Life can transport up to 9 people quietly and in complete comfort.

A 50 kWh battery delivers 0-62 mph in 13.1 seconds and there are three drive modes to choose from; Normal, Eco and Power.

The Vivaro-e Life comes with a host of features to make you and your passengers enjoy the journey as much as the destination, such as it’s various seating options, twin sliding doors and panoramic sunroof. 

Packed full of innovative safety features including head-up display, lane departure warning, emergency city braking and driver drowsiness alert, you are your passengers are carried in supreme comfort and safety.

Taylors Vauxhall New Vivaro Life Introduction

Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life Comfort

The whole family will get more out of Vivaro-e Life’s flexible passenger area and handy storage spaces.

Able to carry up to 9 people, the car’s ergonomic seating is as snug as your lounge seats at home. 

And for a touch more luxury, there are leather trim options available.

Easily adjustable seats. Heated front seats for cold days. Seats that relax you with a massage, the Vivaro-e Life has it all.

There are various seating configurations, including second-row seats you can swivel round, for face-to-face travel. 

Comfort with flexibility awaits you. Just choose the configuration that suits you and you passengers.

Vivaro-e Life offers optional dual-zone climate control, putting driver and passenger in charge of their own comfort.

The advanced thermal system, unique to Vivaro-e Life Elite, delivers heat super-fast.

Whether your journey is long or short, travel in comfort and style in the all-electric Vivaro-e Life. 

Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life Design

The Vivaro-e Life is practical yet boasts distinctive, sculpted lines, eye-catching wheels and host of fantastic interior features.

On the Elite model there are LED daytime running lights and powerful Xenon headlights, that not only look great but help you see much better in the dark.

The stunning panoramic roof also lets light flood in, bringing energy to the cabin on the Elite model. And at night take a look up at the stars. Kids and adults alike will simply full in love with it.

And 17-inch bi-colour alloy wheels add to a sporty touch on the Elite model.

A choice of carefully selected colours compliment the design of the Vivaro-e Life and lets you choose the colour to match your lifestyle.

Vivaro-e Life delivers, with twin sliding side-access doors included as standard.

Hands loaded with bags? Upgrade to Elite which includes handsfree electric sliding side-access doors that open up with a flick of your foot.

Taylors Vauxhall New Vivaro Life Design
Taylors New Vauxhall Insignia Cost

Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life Models

The Vivaro-e Life is stylish and is packed full of innovative features, offers supreme comfort and benefits from a host of safety features.

There are two models in the range and these are;

  • Vivaro-e Life Combi
  • Vivaro-e Life Elite


There are five stunning colours to choose from including Jade White, Quartz Silver, Moonstone Grey, Diamond Black and Rich Oak Brown.

All Electric Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life

The 100% electric battery and oh-so-quiet powertrain of the Vivaro-e Life delivers a relaxing and extremely smooth ride. 

As soon as you lift your foot off the accelerator, the regenerative braking system recaptures kinetic energy whilst braking and converts that power into even more range.

In its highest setting (B-Mode), most short journeys can be driven without use of traditional brakes, reducing wear and associated maintenance costs.

Vivaro-e Life’s fast charging won’t keep you waiting. Its high energy density 50 kWh battery needs just 30 minutes to charge 80% of optimum range using any 100kW public charger. 

And the unique e-INFO instrument panel gives you an uncluttered, intuitive graphic view of energy consumption, range and charging in real-time, so you can plan your journeys with confidence and accuracy.

Taylors Vauxhall New Vivaro E Life
Taylors Vauxhall New Vivaro Life Entertainment

Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life Infotainment

Using Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™, you can project your smartphone onto the 7-inch colour touchscreen, so your music, contacts and phone apps are all at your fingertips.

With AM/FM/DAB radio and Bluetooth connection too, you can listen to any music that your heart desires.

Plus smart navigation with the Multimedia Navi Pro that features a fully integrated European sat nav system with voice control will get you from A to B with ease and makes driving to unfamiliar places a breeze.

Charge as you go with smartphone docking.

If you or the kids need to recharge smartphones or tablets on the move, Vivaro-e Life Elite comes with a handy 220-volt power supply behind the driver’s seat.


New Vivaro Life Safety

The Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life will also keep you safe on each journey thanks to a plethora of safety features including:

  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • Curtain airbags for second and third row passengers
  • Lane departure warning
  • Side blind spot alert
  • Hill start assist
  • Forward collision alert
  • Automatic emergency braking and pedestrian protection
  • Driver drowiness alert
  • IntelliGrip for extra tractiojn on sufaces lie mud, sand and snow (optional extra)
  • 180º rear-view camera
  • Cruise control or semi-adaptive cruise control (optional extra)
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Head-up display
  • LED daytime lights with Xenon headlights
  • Keyless entry and start
  • Vauxhall Connect including e-call with automatic emergency response in the event of an accident
Taylors Vauxhall New Vivaro Life Safety

Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life Benefits

There are many benefits to buying the all-electric Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life and these include;

  • £1,500 government grant (PiCG)
  • £0 road tax and £0 congestion charge
  • 1% Benefit in Kind (BiK) for company car drivers (2021/2022)
  • 8 years battery warranty and 8 years roadside assistance
  • 6 month BP Pulse subscription
  • 30% less maintenance costs as electric vehicles have less moving parts and less wear on brakes
  • Plus the fuel savings over outgoing petrol/diesel models
Terms and conditions apply.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life Brochure

Currently there is no brochure, but you can find out more about the Vauxhall Vivaro-e Life. 
Simply contact Taylors Vauxhall Boston or find out more on the Vauxhall website.

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